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Atop editor at the New York Times instructed Times staffers not to investigate the origins of COVID-19, two Times employees confirmed today. ‘In early 2020,’ a veteran Times employee tells me, ‘I suggested to a senior editor at the paper that we investigate the origins of COVID-19. I was told it was dangerous to run a piece about the origins of the coronavirus. There was resistance to running anything that could suggest that [COVID-19 was manmade or had leaked accidentally from a lab].’ The global pandemic was then in its early stages. Donald Trump was running for reelection and calling SARS-CoV-2 the ‘Chinese virus’. His secretary of state Mike Pompeo had told ABC’s This Week in May 2020 that he had seen ‘significant’ and ‘enormous evidence’ of the virus originating in the Wuhan Institute of Virology. A few weeks later, Sir Richard Dearlove, the ex-head of Britain’s MI6 spy service agreed: ‘I subscribe to the theory…that it’s an engineered escapee from the Wuhan Institute [of Virology].’ Related Stories Italy, the ‘far right’ and the muted opposition to vaccine passes The return of mask mandate mania Macron’s vaccine passport is uniting French anti-fascists and nationalists A lament for Washington DC (no, seriously) Why Israel is rolling out a third COVID shot Yet the Times, according to two well-placed sources, refused to investigate the biggest story of our time. Instead, senior editors are alleged to have suppressed efforts to probe the virus’s origins, and the Times led the charge to dismiss any questioning of the WHO’s now-discredited line as conspiracist or even ‘racist’.

Exclusive: New York Times quashed COVID origins inquiry – The Spectator World

His arrogant display yesterday is very telling. He believes his power, money and influence will see him through. He is wrong.

Charlotte Bennett, one of the women who has accused New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo of sexual harassment, called out his response to the new report detailing the numerous sexual harassment allegations against him.  On Tuesday, Bennett appeared on “CBS Evening News with Norah O’Donnell” to discuss the release of the New York attorney general’s report against Cuomo. More specifically, Bennett called out his public response to the allegations. “Publicly, he would rather play dumb. Privately, he knows that he sexually harassed staffers. And I think it’s easier to explain his behavior publicly by saying there was some misunderstanding,” Bennett said.

Cuomo accuser Charlotte Bennett calls the Governor’s apology ‘fake’ and ‘downright weird’ | Fox News

There is no justification. Not unless your goal is more lock downs in time to steal another election with fraudulent mail in voting. Hmmmmm.

President of the National Border Patrol Council argues Biden and his staff are not allowing the press into processing centers and not allowing the U.S. to see visuals of overcrowded facilities that border patrol agents are managing.

President Biden did not directly address a question from Fox News’ Peter Doocy Tuesday asking why his administration is continuing to allow untested and unvaccinated illegal immigrants into the country while at the same time urging and in some cases mandating that Americans take the coronavirus vaccine.

Read more here:

Biden sidesteps question on justification for letting unvaccinated migrants into US https://www.foxnews.com/politics/biden-dodges-question-on-justification-for-letting-unvaccinated-migrants-into-u-s

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