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Joe Biden is the sole cause of all that is going wrong with the economy and foreign policy. There are always cries and bad actors in the world but what determines their effectiveness is not their intent but rather the recation to them In every single instance since he has been President, Joe Biden has made the wrong decision. It’s what he does.

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I usually watch Dave’s web show every day – it’s available on Rumble, Blaze and YouTube. Dave has a way of taking a subject and explaining it in a way that everybody can understand. He occasionally drops an “F” bomb, but his content is well worth your time, in my opinion. Dave is an ex-leftist, but has gradually moved further and further to the right. He recently moved his entire organization from California to Florida and is a huge supporter of Ron DeSantis.

As you may or may not know, Dave is the founder of the media platform Locals. In essence, he is a free speech proponent, and he makes good sense. Today’s show is about Twitter, Elon Musk, Biden’s Ministry of Truth, our corrupt media and free speech. Enjoy!

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A little humor to start the week.

WASHINGTON, D.C.—During an exclusive interview with a Babylon Bee reporter who may have lost a bet, Vice President Kamala Harris was asked to explain the altercation between movie star Will Smith and comedian Chris Rock at Sunday’s Oscars awards ceremony.“It is time for me to explain what I have been explaining, and that explanation is every explanation,” said the greatest orator of our time to the reporter who was already looking around for a window to jump through. 

Exclusive: Kamala Harris Explains The Will Smith—Chris Rock Altercation | The Babylon Bee

This would not happen here where much of the mainstream media have freely decided to be useful idiots carrying the water for the Administration.

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It seems that news organizations in the U.K. were pressured to broadcast exactly what the government wanted about the Covid pandemic – even threatened with loss of their broadcast licenses. They were warned not to question the official government talking points. I wonder if this happened in our country.

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You gotta love it!

Let’s go, capitalism.This week, a new store called “Let’s Go Brandon” opened in Toms River, NJ, and it’s hawking Trump-centric and pro-law enforcement gear.After the Ocean County shop was written up on a local blog, co-owner Vinny Scuzzese said he saw a fair amount of negative comments. But it also brought in a flood of new customers.“I’ve had my best two days,” he told The Post.But the store, which is on a busy town artery, is eye-catching thanks to the owners’ bus parked outside, which Scuzzese and his business partner Greg Dooner had wrapped with a Trump motif. On the back is an illustration of the 45th president in a tough-guy pose wearing an American flag bomber jacket and gripping the Constitution.

New ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ store opens in New Jersey

There is an asterisk next to Roger Maris’ 61 homerun record. Lia Thoams’ win does not deserve an asterisk, it deserves to be expunged.

Lia Thomas may be a national champion, but in the world of women’s sports, there must be an “asterisk” by the transgender swimmer’s name, according to tennis legend Martina Navratilova.Navratilova, 65, made the comment the day Thomas took first in the women’s 500-yard NCAA championship, according to a report.

Put an ‘asterisk’ by the name Lia Thomas, says tennis icon Martina Navratilova | Washington Examiner

What’s he going to “transition” to if the women start beating him. Use of pronouns intentional.

Critics are sounding off on the participation of trans female athletes in girls sports following University of Pennsylvania swimmer Lia Thomas’ win in the 500-yard freestyle at the NCAA Championships on Thursday.Thomas, who previously swam for the men’s team before transitioning to female in 2019 and sparking a national debate, finished the race with a time of 4:33.24, more than a full second ahead of second place finisher Emma Weyant.Those critical of Thomas’ participation took to Twitter following the swimmer’s controversial win, with some arguing it set a bad precedent that would ensure the “murder of women’s sports”, and others congratulating Weyant, arguing she was the real winner.

Twitter explodes over trans swimmer Lia Thomas winning national title: ‘A slap in the face to women and girls’ | Fox News

Targeting schools, hospitals, and children’s shelters. Shelling civilians trying to flee through a mutually agreed evacuation corridor. Shooting civilians standing in line waiting for food. If these are not war crimes then the term has no meaning.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin on Thursday stopped short of characterizing Russia’s attacks against civilians as war crimes, saying the matter is under review, but called on Russian President Vladimir Putin to “cease these horrible actions.”Austin, during a press conference with Slovak Defense Minister Jaroslav Nad in Slovakia on Thursday, was asked whether Russia’s actions in Ukraine – specifically against civilians – are considered war crimes.RUSSIA INVADES UKRAINE: LIVE UPDATES”Well, certainly we’ve all been shocked by the brutality that we continue to witness day in and day out,” Austin said. “These attacks that we’ve seen most recently appear to be focused directly on civilians.”Biden went further than Austin on Wednesday when he said that Putin was a “war criminal.”

Defense Secretary Austin stops short of accusing Russia of war crimes | Fox News
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