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The Statista on the left are systematically dismantling the Constitution and this is what makes it to the Supreme Court? Sheesh!

The Supreme Court on Wednesday appeared to be leaning toward issuing a narrow ruling in the case of a student who was booted from her high school cheerleading program over an expletive-laden Snapchat post after she was relegated to the junior varsity squad. The dispute stems from Snapchat posts by then-high school sophomore Brandi Levy, which said “F— school f— softball f— cheer f— everything.”  Levy’s lawyer argued that the critical Supreme Court precedent Tinker v. Des Moines doesn’t apply when a student is outside of school, otherwise students would be forced to “carry the schoolhouse on their backs … everywhere they go.” The lawyer for the school, meanwhile, said the “ubiquity” of the internet makes the time and place of a student’s speech “irrelevant” and said the content of Levy’s Snapchat disrupted the school environment

Supreme Court justices grapple with school speech case over cheerleader’s profane Snapchat post | Fox News

This is why I don’t watch Pro Sports any more. Even the commentators have been cowed by the woke brigade.

The NFL Draft is expected to feature a historic run on quarterbacks on Thursday night when the first round officially kicks off. Trevor Lawrence, Zach Wilson, Justin Fields, Mac Jones and Trey Lance are expected to be the quarterbacks going in the first round, with Davis Mills and Kyle Trask possibly also going later in the first round, which many believe would be a stunning turn of events.

ESPN’s Max Kellerman expresses concerns over NFL Draft’s top QB picks being ‘White guy, White guy, White guy’ | Fox News

Democrats are threatening retaliation after House Republicans forced a vote on censuring Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) over her incendiary comments related to the Derek Chauvin trial. POLL: What scares you the most? Republicans took action against Waters after she urged protesters in Minnesota last weekend to “get more confrontational” if Chauvin was found not guilty in the death of George Floyd. The judge who presided over Chauvin’s trial later rebuked Waters for her comments, and admitted Chauvin’s attorneys could use them to argue for a mistrial in appeal.

Democrats threaten retaliation against Republicans over move to censure Rep. Maxine Waters – TheBlaze

I would be far more surprised if there were no pictures of these super elite filthy perverts together.

Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein were once White House guests of former President Bill Clinton, new pictures prove. The images were published by The Sun, days after Maxwell’s last court appearance on sex trafficking charges in Manhattan, related to her alleged procurement of underage rape victims for the convicted pedophile. The disgusting duo were invited to the White House in 1993, after Epstein reportedly donated money to have the Oval Office refurbished.

Clinton’s White House welcomed Epstein, Maxwell as VIP guests, new photos show | Fox News

Once again in the name of humor, the Bee stings them right in the ass!

HOLLYWOOD, CA—According to sources at the 91st annual Academy Awards ceremony this evening, the nation’s wealthy, privileged elite gathered to lecture the nation on the horrendous evils of wealth and privilege. Click to find out more about a new promotion The wealthiest 0.00001% of the nation arrived at the exclusive, walled-off, high-security event in limos and luxury cars driven by servants in order to spend a few hours telling the nation’s poor and middle-class citizens how they need to throw off the yoke of oppression put on them by the wealthy elite. “It’s the white, privileged, wealth hoarders that are ruining America,” said one white, privileged man whose net worth is estimated at $160 million. “All you people in the cheap seats at home: you need to do better.”

Nation’s Wealthy, Privileged Gather To Lecture Nation On Evils Of Wealth, Privilege | The Babylon Bee

This is without a doubt the biggest waste of broadcast time imaginable. There is nothing I would want to watch less than this or any of the self indulgent exercises in narcissism and preachy self-importance from a bunch of uber-rich malcontents. Once again, I’ll pass.

The 2021 Oscars are expected to be the lowest-rated yet despite several opportunities to make history. The 93rd Academy Awards kick off on April 25 amid unprecedented times caused by the coronavirus pandemic. There will be no host, no audience, nor face masks for nominees attending the ceremony at Los Angeles’ Union Station — this year’s hub for a show usually broadcast from the Dolby Theatre. While this isn’t the first awards show to forge ahead despite the pandemic, the Oscars are breaking from the largely virtual Golden Globes by having locations for the stars to actually attend the event. However, numerous international hubs and satellite feeds will connect nominees unable to travel. The most noteable change from other pandemic-era award shows is that the red carpet is back. However, it will still be a little different in that only a handful of media outlets will be allowed on site. Casual wear is a no-no. The pre-show on ABC will include pre-taped performances of the five Oscar-nominated songs. The ceremony is available to stream on Hulu Live TV, YouTubeTV, AT&T TV, FuboTV and on ABC.com with provider authentication. Pulling the musical interludes (though not the in memoriam segment) from the three-hour broadcast — and drastically cutting down the time it will take winners to reach the podium — will free up a lot of time in the ceremony. And producers, led by filmmaker Steven Soderbergh, are promising a reinvented telecast.

Academy Awards poised to make history despite expected low-ratings amid the coronavirus pandemic | Fox News

When are we going to wake up to the fact that riots have nothing to do with social justice? They are about theft and wanton violence. Politicians who defend, encourage, and make excuses for them have abandoned any pretense of being public servants and expose themselves for the pandering frauds that they are.

The riot follows similar unrest this week spurred by the conviction of ex-Minneapolis police Officer Derek Chauvin in the May 2020 death of George Floyd and other fatal police shootings in Minnesota, Ohio and North Carolina.

Portland police declare riot Friday night after mayor’s state-of-emergency extension https://www.foxnews.com/us/portland-police-declare-riot-friday-night-after-mayors-state-of-emergency-extension

The Left continues to expose it’s own bigotry toward any black man or woman who dares wander off the Democratic Plantation.

The Washington Post shocked readers on Friday for publishing a “hit job” on Sen. Tim Scott, R-SC, questioning his family history of going from a childhood picking cotton to the halls of Congress. Scott, who was chosen Thursday to deliver the Republican Party’s response to President Biden’s speech to a joint session of Congress on April 28, was the subject of a lengthy piece by the Post’s fact-checker, Glenn Kessler. “If you find yourself telling the grandson of a Depression-era Black man who spent his youth picking cotton to check his privilege, please for the love of all that is holy log off, WaPo,” Washington Examiner executive editor Seth Mandel responded. Pundit Stephen L. Miller added, “Democrats and media can lie about what Jim Crow was for weeks on end and not a word from Glenn or his newspaper. Not one. A black conservative Senator whose grandfather actually lived during Jim Crow comes along.. Glenn is ‘Now wait just a minute.’ This is a stunning new low.” The piece, “Tim Scott often talks about his grandfather and cotton. There’s more to that tale,” examined the “origin stories” of comments the Senator has made about being an ancestor of slaves. Scott has said his grandfather dropped out of elementary school to pick cotton, so the liberal newspaper enlisted its fact-checker to get to the bottom of the claim.

Washington Post crushed for ‘fact check’ on whether Sen. Tim Scott truly went ‘from cotton to Congress’ | Fox News

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