Amid Title 42’s expiration, this broke blue state is considering unemployment for illegal immigrants-Fox News

Newsom is circling around the Biden campaign just waiting for the President's crime family house of cards to come tumbling down so he can do for the US economy what he as don for California's-run it straight into the ground. A California bill that would provide unemployment benefits to illegal immigrants is set for review... Continue Reading →

White House slams Comer, accuses GOP of conducting ‘evidence-free’ probe into Biden family | Fox News

It's alwayS the guiltiest defendants who scream the loudest: YOU HAVE NO EVIDENCE! EXCLUSIVE: The White House is accusing House Oversight and Accountability Committee Chairman James Comer of leading an "evidence-free, politically-motivated" investigation into the Biden family just as Comer is set to provide an update on his investigation.Comer, R-Ky., was planning a press conference... Continue Reading →

UC Berkeley Professor Apologizes for ‘Academic Fellowships, Opportunities, and Material Benefit’ Gained By Falsely Claiming to Be Native American | TIMCAST

I love how she apologizes for "incorrectly identifying" based on "incomplete information." Like Elizabeth Warren, she is just an accidental fraud and thief. Sociology professor Elizabeth Hoover has been facing calls for her resignation since last year and has now admitted to having “received academic fellowships, opportunities, and material benefits that I may not have received... Continue Reading →

Convicted murderer appointed to Montgomery County PA prison board of inspectors arrested over fraudulent claims for Covid funds | The Post Millennial |

This guy is sleazy enough to be related to the Bidens. The Montgomery County, Pennsylvania commissioners voted 2-1 to allow a convicted murderer to join the Prison Board of Inspectors in June 2022, but the man has now been arrested and charged with forgery, identity theft, and theft by deception, according to the Delaware Valley... Continue Reading →

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