What’s With the Democrats?

It’s hard to imagine where the Democratic Party thinks it is going with their current policies. All of the candidates currently running are so far to the left that they have no chance of being palatable to the moderates that make up most of the party in the fly over country at least some of which the Democrats will need in order to win the White House . A party that has spent most of the last 40 years denying that it is a Socialist Party has now embraced socialism in a way that would have been unimaginable just one election ago. But the upset defeat of Queen Hillary has seemed to made the party unhinged .

Donald Trump may well be vulnerable but the Democrats are running so far to the left that they may do more to reelect him then his own supporters. They have even begun to alienate those who have been staunch Democratic allies for generations. The real loonies in their party who are so determined to criticize in ostracize Israel is making even the most staunchly Democratic Jewish voters think twice about voting for some of these candidates. The vitriolic and strident attacks on any black man or woman who dares to be a conservative is in my opinion betraying a racist streak in the party that has Lain dormant since the days when it so strongly supported Jim Crow laws and segregation.

For a while the Democrats seemed to have Hey great white hope if you will in Joe Biden. But the left wing has all but evicted him from the party and they have attacked him viciously in the debates in such a way that even should he win the nomination he will be a seriously weekend candidate and otherwise might have been.

As an independent who tends to vote more Republican these days I can take solace in the fact that the Democrats are shooting themselves in the foot but I do miss intelligent and reasoned debate which has all but disappeared from our public discourse. If Donald Trump wins the White House again and so far it seems that that might just be inevitable thanks to the Democrats let’s hope the government turns back to governing and the legislature returns to legislating instead of this constant character assassination an unfounded attack in place of ideas.

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