If you are Male and can’t compete against other men then just “identify as a woman”

I don’t care how you want to delude yourself into thinking you’re something you’re not but it should not give you a competitive advantage in sports.

This from the Washington Times:

Transgender runner to compete against women in NCAA Division I

By Shaylee Ragar – Associated Press – Thursday, August 29, 2019

MISSOULA, Mont. — If Juniper Eastwood is feeling particularly motivated on a training day, she’s up at 6 a.m. She eats a banana and plugs in a podcast before taking off on an 11- to 12-mile run. She should stretch, but is often short on time. After a shower and getting dressed, she heads to work as a camp counselor for a youth empowerment program. Eastwood’s routine is similar to that of other college athletes practicing in the offseason. She has to prepare for grueling cross-country practices while balancing work or school. The difference between Eastwood and her teammates on the University of Montana’s cross-country team is the testosterone-suppression and estrogen pills she takes as part of her training regimen. Eastwood was assigned male at birth, but identifies as female. She’s transgender.   

Read more here. 


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