Lowering The Bar On Censorship

Elizabeth Warren has decided to lower the bar on censorship. No longer do we need to find some keyword or "dog whistle" to characterize something as worthy of being purged from the public discourse. Now, this paragon of truthfulness has decided that even this vague standard is not a fuzzy enough criterion to determine who... Continue Reading →

Kobe Bryant

I was just scrolling through my twitter feed when I saw the first mention of the tragedy. There was nothing yet on the news feeds I follow so I was able to briefly hold out the hope that it wasn't true, that it was just another twitter bomb set off by someone looking for likes and... Continue Reading →

May The Farce Be With You

Is anyone buying this "solemn and serious and prayerful" charade being put on by the Democrats? Watching them process into the Senate Chamber stone-faced, I felt like I was watching some Satanic ritual in a lousy sequel to Rosemary's Baby. Remember when the articles of impeachment were approved in the House vote, and some of the Democrats... Continue Reading →

OK, Boomer!

A new term has surfaced in our culture, which I had heard before but not understood previously, and that is, "OK, Boomer." Apparently, this is now the younger generation's catchphrase to dismiss any argument, suggestion, or observation we might make. And I find it amusing that some of my fellow boomers are so shocked at this... Continue Reading →

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