Happy New Year!

We begin each year wondering what great new things await us in the coming twelve months. What will be the biggest news stories? What will be the newest tech advances? How will existing conflicts and controversies be resolved? Or not. And of course there is the other side of this bright and shiny new coin. What new tragedies await us? Who will we lose this year, either personally or in the public eye?

Somethings we already know. Congress left town for a three week vacation despite the supposed urgency of impeaching and removing the President of the United States. It couldn’t wait for anything so mundane as exculpatory evidence or court challenges to its subpoena power. No, they had to do it now, before this President could do any more damage. He is, after all, the most powerful man in the world and he just has to be stopped. But nothing-absolutely nothing-gets in the way of a Congressional Vacation. President Trump has been able to change a lot of things in Washington but the self serving narcissism of career politicians in the Congress is not one of them.

Impeachment is not the only carryover from 2019 but as big as it seems to those in the DC bubble, it is likely to be just a footnote in American History judging by the giant collective yawn being expressed by the rest of the country on this subject. What people are starting to think about are the elections this year. The first part of the year will be dominated by Democratic primaries, The summer by the two major party conventions and then the final stretch of debates and campaigning leading up to the general election in November.

This year has been interesting but 2020 will see major upheaval IMHO. The Democrats are imploding and unless something drastic changes they are likely to become largely politically ineffectual for the foreseeable future. Despite the giddiness of some Democratic TDS sufferers here at work over the possible testimony of Bolton and Pompeo, the boom and bust pattern has been pretty consistent since they started this farce before the President was even sworn in.

Meanwhile records are being set in virtually all the right places in the economy. To paraphrase Al Gore at the Democratic Convention back when he and Clinton were nominated, “What should up is up and what should be down is down.

Happy New Year.

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