Don’t Let This Happen To Your City

I live in NYC, always a haven for progressive ideas and except for a brief respite under the common sense leadership of Rudy Giuliani, we have been under the thumb of one progressive nitwit after another. Prior to this administration I would have said that the worst of the worst was David Dinkins. His administration was so bad that the one of the Bluest cities in the country elected the aforementioned Republican. But now we have the king of the dunces, Bill DeBlasio as our municipal chief executive. He is complemented by an elitist far left wing Governor who seems hell bent on ruining the rest of the state.

This New Year ushered in one of the dumbest “reforms” that can possibly conceived of, unless it is designed purposely to increase the crime rate. To be fair to our buffoon of a Mayor this was an action by the State Legislature and signed by signed by his majesty, King Cuomo, but a real leader would have refused to implement such a disastrous law, instead challenging it in court and probably winning. Judicial discretion has certainly been abused in individual cases but this is an infringement of that power that needs to be tested constitutionally. As it stands now, even if a judge believes a defendant is a clear and present danger to the community or said defendant is a flight risk, he must release him or her without bail.

What’s that you say? This is only for non-violent offences? No, Grasshopper, you are mistaken. Stalking is among the so called non-violent crimes. Stalking is a form of violence in and of itself. Now someone is accused of stalking some woman and gets picked up and released as soon as he is arraigned? Yeah, hard to see how that could be a problem.

While it is true that some poorer defendants spend too much time in jail awaiting trial because they can’t raise bail, it would seem to make sense that that problem should be addressed by streamlining the process so that a fair and speedy trial can be achieved without emptying the jail cells onto city streets. The biggest victims in this will be the poor communities these blowhard politicians claim to care so much about, because it is into these neighborhoods that these “non-violent” offenders will be released.

But don’t worry. The Mayor is on it. Just last night he tweeted in his usual officious and condescending tone about how evil Domino’s was because they charged people in Times Square $30.00 for a whole pizza. OK, First of all, someone who eats pizza with a knife and fork shouldn’t be talking about any pizza place. Secondly, if he were to step out of his ivory tower and buy a slice of pizza in Manhattan, he would find that the going price is about $4.00 a slice. Do us a favor, Mr. Mayor. Go back to sleep until your term ends. You’ve been governing that way all along. Why stop now?

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