Adam Schiff Shares His Takeaways. I Share Mine.

Schiff: Trump’s lawyers cannot, and did not defend him on the facts.

Me: There were no facts. You produced not one single witness with direct first-hand knowledge of anything even remotely impeachable. But this wasn’t about facts.

Schiff: Their defense has evolved to this: he did it, so what? 

Me: What he did was entirely within the law and is not even remotely impeachable. So again, So What?

Schiff: His lawyers strengthened our case that the Senate must hear from Bolton.

Me: No, they pointed out that you should have fought to have Bolton testify in your Kangaroo Court in the House. The President would invoke Executive Privilege, and then you would have the opportunity to challenge that claim in court. Instead, you chose to try to bully and shame the Senate into doing the job you were too stupid, incompetent, and lazy to do yourself.

Schiff: A fair trial requires key witnesses. 

Me: A fair trial also requires due process. You presided over an absurdity that barely gave a passing nod to that imperative.  

Schiff: Will America have one?

Me: Not if you and your henchmen get your way.

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