I Hate When He Gets Our Hopes Up Like That

I saw the headline in the NY Post, “DeBlasio says he wants to save NYC.” Of course, anyone who lives here can tell you that the only thing this doofus can do to save the city is to resign. naturally, the connection I made in my mind was, “He is going to quit!” 

But no, nothing so glorious was about to take place. But we have one thing here that is sorely needed in Washington, DC: Term Limits. We will be rid of this Orwellian Big Brother with his thousands of traffic cams and ever-increasing installation of dangerous poorly thought out bike lanes and traffic clogging bus lanes. 

Of course, if you are not registered Democrat in this city, you have no say in who the next mayor will be. Whoever the Democrats nominate will be the next chief executive of NYC, so we can look forward to yet another buffoon who will continue to preside over the decline of a once-great American City.

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