It’s All Trump’s Fault!

The spread of the coronavirus in Europe and Asia is undoubtedly a cause for concern. But the abject panic by investors in the Stock Market seems a bit extreme. There will be some supply chain disruptions, but the reaction to this has been more like a response to bubonic plague rather than severe flu that is causing a higher death rate in countries with poor hygienic practices and substandard medical infrastructure. Yes, every action should be taken to stem the spread of the disease and treat those affected. But this is not a Steven King Novel, and the nations of the world are not going to become vast wastelands populated by a handful of survivors.

Of course, someone has to be blamed for this. And the Democrats have chosen to blame-hold on to your hat-Donald J. Trump. They haven’t figured out a way to quite pin the blame on him for originating the virus, but they are quick to jump on every action he takes in response to it. You would think…well, never mind. This is the same party that is probably going to nominate a Socialist to be their candidate for POTUS. Their entire party is in panic and disarray, and they are projecting that onto the Administration.

The spread of coronavirus into the general population in the US may or may not be inevitable. But one thing we can be positive of is that the desperate Democrats will seize on and politicize yet another crisis to bolster their flagging chances at winning the White House and the genuine possibility that they will lose the House of Representatives. But that’s what you get from a party who sees their role as to rule over people rather than govern them. The difference between those two terms is stark but lost on the Democrats.

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