South Carolina 5-Year-Old Rings Cancer-Free Bell After 3-Year Battle

It’s Monday morning, so lets start off the week with a story that has nothing to do with politics. Rather than provoking debate, division, and vitriol, Jonathan’s story inspires respect, joy and love. Please take a moment to read his story.

Since he was just two years old, Jonathan Whetstone has been fighting for his survival. When he contracted an ear infection and the flu before his second birthday, doctors said they had nothing to worry about. But as his parents watched their infant son’s energy decline, they pursued further testing. That diligence saved his life. Jonathan had been living with undetected childhood leukemia, which can carry a mortality rate as high as 40 percent. The fight for his life lasted for the next three years and finally ended on Thursday morning. “It’s kind of surreal after three years of going through this it’s finally over,” said Maryann Whetstone, Jonathan’s mother. Mark Whetstone, Jonathan’s father, has been overwhelmed by the widespread show of support. “It’s been prayers across the country,” he says, “Even outside the United States. The support we’ve gotten from our churches, families and volunteer firefighters service has been great.” But the local community has been just as fervent. The Edisto and Bolentown Volunteer Fire Department, where Mark volunteers, lent their support to the Whetstone family — and shared in their celebration. “What a Beautiful Day! Jonathan Whetstone has officially BEAT CANCER and rung the bell,” they posted on Facebook on Thursday morning.

South Carolina 5-Year-Old Rings Cancer-Free Bell After 3-Year Battle

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