Why Are People Hoarding Toilet Paper?

This has got to rank among the dumbest reactions to the respiratory virus pandemic imaginable. What are you going to do with it? It is mystifying to me.

From the article:

I am seriously going to run out of toilet paper soon, and most of the stores in my neighborhood seem to be out. But why? I dig for an answer. 

For 19 years I lived in metropolitan Baltimore, and when ever a snow storm approached, people would hoard toilet paper, and I never understood why. Maybe in 1882, the threat of being snowed in for weeks was a possibility, but we have modern snow removing equipment now.

Read More: Why Are People Hoarding Toilet Paper? | https://wfgr.com/why-are-people-hoarding-toilet-paper/?utm_source=tsmclip&utm_medium=referral


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