Biden Taps Coronavirus ‘Expert’ Who Thinks 75 is the Perfect Age To Die

This is just too precious for words. It also gives us some insight into just how Crazy Uncle Joe would handle a similar outbreak in his administration, should the American people ignore all the obvious signs of his advancing dementia and elect him.

For a pandemic that seems particularly fatal for the elderly, Joe Biden has tapped a so-called “expert” to advise him about the Wuhan coronavirus. The only problem with the “expert” is that he believes people should die before they get too old, saying he himself wishes to die at the age of 75. Biden is 77.  The former vice president and Democratic presidential candidate has decided to create a “Public Health Advisory Committee” to inform him about the coronavirus while the candidate campaigns for the White House. Biden is trying to paint a picture of himself as an informed, capable leader who can spearhead this nation’s way out of anything. On Friday, the candidate and his team couldn’t figure out how to run a virtual town hall.  One of the Democratic advisers picked to join Biden’s advisory committee on the Wuhan virus is Obamacare architect and noted bioethicist Ezekiel Emanuel. In keeping with the Democrats’ culture of death, Emanuel wrote a piece for The Atlantic titled, “Why I Hope to Die at 75.”  In Emanuel’s piece, the author talks about how everyone thinks he’s crazy for wishing to die at 75 but believes “75 is a pretty good age to aim to stop.” For those wondering, Emanuel is 62 years old.

Biden Taps Coronavirus ‘Expert’ Who Thinks 75 is the Perfect Age To Die

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