Monday, Monday. Can’t Trust That Day

In the fifty years that I have been getting up and going to work, we have been through some strange times. Street demonstrations, blizzards, hurricanes, 911, transit strikes, blackouts, etc. This is by far the strangest Monday I can remember. Yesterday I served what will be the last Mass in our parish for the foreseeable future. All schools are closed, and the streets look more like early Sunday morning than early Monday morning. 

As I type this, I am sitting in my favorite bagel shop where each morning I make several entries to my blog. As of tomorrow, I will not be able to do this because all eat-in restaurants will be closed. They may be open, but it will be for takeout only. I am a creature of habit and routine, so this is a bigger deal for me that I would have thought not so long ago.

Like many companies, my place of employment is struggling to decide how to handle this crisis. There is a meeting today to determine where we stand going forward and if we are going to shut down for any period of time. Also what, if any, accommodation made for employees who will be out of work for an indefinite period. I have never had a week start with more uncertainty than how this one is beginning. I am not looking forward to this week at all. all we can do now is pray for hot weather, the natural decline in cases that will occur with it, and an end to the panic.

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