China recasts itself as global coronavirus response leader as US, Europe struggle | Fox News

So this is how this works. You release a deadly virus into your own population and don’t tell them about it. Then you let thousands leave the infected area to contaminate the rest of the population, and you don’t tell them about it. You let thousands of potentially infected people to leave your country and then lie to the rest of the world that it is contained in Wuhan. And now you want to tell us what a wonderful response leader you are? Sure. Got it. Anyone who believes this crap probably believes Jeffrey Epstein really did kill himself.

It’s an extraordinary transformation. In a matter of weeks, Chinese President Xi Jinping and his Communist Party have gone from being selfish villains responsible for a deadly pandemic to global heroes ready to pitch in and help countries that have been hard hit by the coronavirus. A Message from Sponsored Video Watch to learn more China, ground zero of the outbreak, has been boasting about beating COVID-19. The numbers of new cases have largely leveled off there and it’s given Beijing a powerful tool in reshaping how the world sees them. The country has been mounting a very public — and largely successful — humanitarian campaign to come across as a strong world leader. It’s a power move that has allowed China to take over a role the United States and Europe have dominated for decades. China’s private and public sectors are working in lockstep to fast-track aid to countries that are in desperate need of it. “The Chinese government has been trying to project Chinese state power beyond its borders and establish China as a global leader, not dissimilar to what the U.S. government has been doing for the better part of a century, and the distribution of medical aid is part of that mission,” Dr. Yangyang Cheng, a postdoctoral research associate at Cornell University, told The Intercept.

China recasts itself as global coronavirus response leader as US, Europe struggle | Fox News

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