Coronavirus Lock-down Day One

Yesterday at 4:00 in the afternoon, I left my office for the last time for at least three to four weeks. It could be longer. Much longer. This is entirely uncharted territory for all of us, so I have decided to keep a public diary to share our experience with this. I don’t care if anyone reads it, but writing has always been therapeutic for me and will help me deal with a lot of conflicting feelings and emotions that are assaulting me right now.

I was able to keep busy today. Getting those last few items from the store, doing the laundry, and stopping at the bank. In a little while, we may take a walk, but beyond that, we will be staying home. No Eating out, no shopping, no nothing outside the home will take some getting used to. Even the Church is closed. 

Moving forward, I will find ways to occupy the time. I started to write a book back in November, but that has been on the back burner due to my usually hectic life, but now I have nothing but time and no excuses not to work on it. 

Well, that’s it for the first entry. I haven’t decided how many times a day I will post, but I am sure it will be more than once. Till next time, stay safe. 

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