Day 1 (Part 2)

Spent the rest of our first day pretty much like any other Saturday that we don’t go out. But there were some significant differences. I wasn’t preparing my homily or composing the Prayer of the Faithful for tomorrow’s Mass. That’s because there is no tomorrow’s Mass. At least not one we can attend in person. We will watch Mass on TV together, and we will receive Spiritual Communion, but it will not be the same. Tomorrow is going to be even stranger than today.

The other strange thing-for me anyway-is that I purposely avoided the news. Except for briefly watching the local news this morning, I stayed off the news sites and away from the news channels for most of the day. Instead, I spent most of the day engrossed in movies, except for the time I took to write down an idea I had to move the story in a different direction for my book. 

We did not go out to take a walk today, but we have to make that part of our routine because these days will rapidly become weeks and even months of idleness. Now I am going to break my self imposed moratorium on watching the news and check out what’s going on. I don’t expect to be surprised by much. Good night, and stay safe!

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