Day 2

Well, here we are on the second day. We are already making some changes. We have to resist the temptation to overeat comfort or junk food. We will watch Sunday Mass being live-streamed on St Helen’s Facebook page. That is not my regular Parish, but I am watching that one so we can watch it together with my daughter’s family. It is a way for us to do something together while we are apart. My Parish is also live streaming Mass on Facebook. I will watch that one as well in solidarity with our parishioners.

We will be taking a walk this afternoon, especially since the weather is expected to be pretty lousy tomorrow, and we will be stuck inside. The biggest immediate challenge we have right now is getting exercise of any kind. We live in a small studio apartment, so even cleaning does not take very long. I guess I am finally going to have to make use of the fitness app on my smartphone.  

Another way today is different is I did not watch the news this morning, except for getting the weather report. The Presidential election, which we have been obsessing over for the past few months, has suddenly seemed of far less interest than it did a week ago. The only thing I want to hear from Washington right now is how soon they will be sending out these stimulus checks we keep hearing about, and when hospitals and localities are going to get sorely needed supplies.

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