List: 30 regulations that stymied Trump’s coronavirus response

This is the result of legislation through bureaucratic regulation. We have watched idly while un-elected bureaucrats impose regulation after regulation enforced by agencies that have become pseudo law enforcement entities in their own right.

A wall of federal regulations has jammed the brakes on the Trump administration’s efforts to react swiftly to the coronavirus pandemic, prompting new calls for a full house cleaning of the hurdles as part of the next stimulus package now being developed in Congress. A new list shows at least 30 rules and regulations have helped to slow or stop President Trump’s “war” on the virus, such as burdensome testing required of promising cures, and in some cases helped to spread it, such as bans on disposable bags that encourage repeated use of dirty reusable ones. “Many regulations have proven to hinder or delay appropriate policy responses. Other regulations are or were making things worse than they otherwise would be. In many cases, it is now clear that these regulations were never needed, or that whatever justification they once had has been superseded,” said a new report from the Competitive Enterprise Institute shared with Secrets. In listing regulations tying the government’s hands, the group has started a new “#NeverNeeded” campaign to kill off rules blocking the administration’s effort to slow the spread of the virus.

List: 30 regulations that stymied Trump’s coronavirus response

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