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Representative government, due process, government of by and for the people, Constitutional protections of speech, religion and assembly. Have they all ceased to exist because of this virus? Doesn’t this bother anyone? The owner of a Maine brewpub had his health and liquor licenses revoked over the weekend after he announced on Fox News’s “Tucker …

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Well, it’s not like he is doing anything important like RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT! This is no more important than the encroaching senility he so obviously is suffering from. Nothing to see here! Just four days after the broadcast network evening newscasts finally covered the rape allegation against presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden for the first time, …

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If this is true, it could blow a hole in the statist plans to force us back into our homes for the dreaded “second wave” of the Chinese virus. They might not be able to get their allies in Beijing to cook up another one in time for the election. Scientists have discovered an antibody …

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Remember when we were beat over the head with how honest, above board, and non-partisan Mueller was? How he was the very epitome of integrity and beyond reproach? Explosive, newly unsealed evidence documenting the FBI’s efforts to target national security adviser Michael Flynn — including a top official’s handwritten memo debating whether the FBI’s “goal” was …

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