And It’s Gone: Nets Already Done With Covering Rape Claim Against Biden

Well, it’s not like he is doing anything important like RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT! This is no more important than the encroaching senility he so obviously is suffering from. Nothing to see here!

Just four days after the broadcast network evening newscasts finally covered the rape allegation against presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden for the first time, after ignoring it for over a month, ABC, CBS, and NBC had had enough. During their Monday evening newscasts, none of them ran stories on the subject despite developments still breaking over the course of the day. NBC’s Today was the only morning newscast to give the allegations substantial airtime (CBS This Morning on Monday managed 56 seconds), and even then they were batting for Biden. “Today there are intensifying calls from both sides to search for any complaint that might exist from Joe Biden’s former Senate staffer Tara Reade, who says he assaulted her 27 years ago,” announced senior Washington correspondent and Democratic establishment fan Andrea Mitchell. That complaint would be another piece of contemporaneous evidence that would back up Reade’s claims. Even though the search was still ongoing, Mitchell declared that “no record of it has been found,” as if the search was exhausted.

And It’s Gone: Nets Already Done With Covering Rape Claim Against Biden

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