Debates? Who needs them?

You heard the pundits today. They were bemoaning the "chaotic" nature of the debate, it was terrible, it was messy, it was bombastic and rude and nasty, yada, yada, yada. Trump looked terrible, he acquitted himself terribly and was un-Presidential. In fact if you listen to all these lefty lapdogs you would think all but... Continue Reading →

Law and Order

Reimagined Policing? Ignoring the fact this was put out jointly with Bernie supports he claims he is against defunding police. Has Joe Biden called any mayor to do something? Short answer: No. Even though he claims he IS the Democratic party. This is the type of leadership we can expect from Biden. Joe Biden: "ANTIFA... Continue Reading →


Joe Biden repeating Charlottesville quote taken out of context to claim Trump is a racist. he doesn't address the low unemployment and other policies that have caused increase in support for Trump. Trump brings up law and order and the overwhelming support he has among law enforcement. Joe playing the race card-systemic racism- which he... Continue Reading →


Joe ignoring any stats that don't support his lies and misstatements. Trump bringing up Hunter. Joe complaining Trumps statements false but does not present any real arguments to disprove what Trump claims. These two really don't like each other.

Class envy attack by Biden

Biden using tired old bromide about "millionaires and billionaires" (like Joe and Hunter?) Argues country needs to be shut down and the economy be damned. Now the phony illegally obtained NY Times story is raised. Biden just said it for the first time I heard tonight "Cmon!"

Chaotic back and forth

Many personal attacks. neither candidate can let the other finish. Not in formative and counterproductive. Now Biden is finally talking about COVID talking about his so-called plan. Trump responding well about his actions compared to Biden's opposition to his actions. Now Biden is tugging at heartstrings rather than addressing facts,

First subject: Supreme Court

Trump points out what we all know: Elections have consequences. That is why this debate has 100 million viewers or more. This is how democracy works. Biden repeats what he says on the campaign trail making the point that he feels the President somehow has less power and responsibility in an election year. In the... Continue Reading →

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