Counting the minutes

It's almost time. In just a few minutes President Trump and Joe Biden will stand on the stage and face off in the first debate. I am going to be sending out short blast posts throughout the debate with off the cuff, knee-jerk reactions. We are about ten minutes away as I write this. Stay... Continue Reading →

Biden aggressively prepares for debate while Trump cautions against excess preparation | Fox News

President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden are preparing for Tuesday's debate in starkly different ways, with the latter engaging in mock stand-offs while the former says he's leveraging as practice the contentious environment he already faces as president. According to multiple reports, President Trump has refrained from traditional debate prep and eschewed practice sessions.... Continue Reading →

We have plenty to occupy our attention these days but we should not forget what’s going on in Hong Kong. Beijing continues to erode any autonomy that still exists in Hong Kong. The latest out rage is their using a spike in the virus they manufactured and unleashed on the world to now postpone scheduled elections. Coupled with the enactment of a law that now makes all forms of protest illegal it is astounding... Continue Reading →

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