DUI court date for Joe Biden’s niece set for day after presidential election

How convenient. Joe Biden’s niece will have her day in court after she was ­busted on drugged-driving charges in Pennsylvania, with an arraignment set for Nov. 4 — one day after the presidential election. Caroline Biden, 33, the daughter of Joe’s brother James Biden, was arrested in Lower Merion Township, Pa., in August 2019. The DUI case has been slowly moving through the courts. The Nov. 4 arraignment ensures that the Biden bust will be kept in a deep freeze until after voters in the swing state and around the country go to polls. “I find it unusual that it would be that far into the future,” Mike Gottlieb, a Norristown attorney with experience in DUI cases, told The Post.

DUI court date for Joe Biden’s niece set for day after presidential election

Gee, if I were a virtue signaling, latte sipping, East Hampton Liberal, I might be tempted to call this “White Privilege.” But then she is a Biden. Their privilege borders on the Kennedy-esque when it comes to legal consequences for impaired driving. Or taking bribes from foreign adversaries of the US. Tell me again, Madame Speaker, how no one is above the law?

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