Vatican Renews ‘Deal With the Devil’

VATICAN CITY ( - Despite fierce global opposition, Rome has renewed its controversial concordat with China, claiming that the deal has done away with "illegitimate bishops" and resulted in securing the "communion of all Chinese bishops with the pope." Cdl. Joseph Zen begged Pope Francis not to renew the deal "The two parties have agreed... Continue Reading →

Piers Morgan slams ‘hyper-partisan’ journalists on Hunter Biden story | Fox News

British personality Piers Morgan on Friday blasted the U.S. mainstream media for playing politics by continuing to ignore the Hunter Biden email scandal. "I don't care if you're pro-Trump, anti-Trump ... at the very least these journalists are revealing themselves to be hyper-partisan," Morgan, who is editor-at-large, said on "Fox & Friends," reacting to members of the media ignoring the... Continue Reading →

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