Former Biden Family Business Partner Lays Waste to the Biden Family Legacy in Interview With Tucker Carlson

How this guy is still in the running for leader of the free world is worthy of a Twilight Zone episode.

Tucker Carlson broadcast approximately 45 minutes of his interview with Tony Bobulinski done earlier in the day on Tuesday from a hotel room in Los Angeles. The broadcast involved lengthy passages of Bobulinski speaking largely uninterrupted, setting forth a detailed narrative of his involvement with members of the Biden family — Joe, James (Joe’s brother), and Hunter. His description breaks down into three basic temporal components: 1) Events leading up to his agreement to become CEO of Sinohawk Holdings; 2) Events in the early stages of the formation of the company, and his personal involvement with officials of the Chinese company CEFC; and 3) Events which led to his discomfort with the manner in which the enterprise fell into a dormant stage, and how he came to be sidelined as a participant. This is my first pass at this story, and I’ll come back to parts of it with copies of various documents and communications when those are more widely available online. Bobulinski has a long history of participation in international business operations and finance.  In that career experience he came to be acquainted with James Gilliar, a British investor and entrepreneur with similar experiences and background.  In 2015 Gilliar contacted Bobulinski and let him know he was in the process of working on a business enterprise that would involve one of the most prominent US families and overseas investors.  He told Bobulinski that there might be a role for him once the business plan was further developed and heading towards becoming operational. But at some point in 2016, and into 2017 he was brought into the conversation and planning of matters with James Biden and Hunter Biden.  He met Rob Walker who was a close associate of the Biden family that Gilliar had been working with. Walker told him that he was a “proxy” for the Biden family in arranging transactions for them around the world.  Bobulinski understood that the plan was to involve a partnership venture between a US group including Biden family members and a Chinese Energy company known as CEFC.

Former Biden Family Business Partner Lays Waste to the Biden Family Legacy in Interview With Tucker Carlson

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