Anyone Notice the Youth Vote Figure from Minnesota’s Early Voting Numbers? It’s Not Good…If You’re Joe Biden

Political coalitions are not transferrable, and the Democrats could possibly learn that again the hard way come Election Day. Like Trump, Barack Obama undoubtedly was a figure who could get unmotivated people to the polls. He did that. Generally, he had a coalition of young people, minority voters, and union workers. That’s almost unbeatable, so thank God we have term limits. Hillary Clinton thought she could do that in 2016 and failed miserably. Now, we have Joe Biden out there seemingly oblivious to the fact that his support with Black Americans is cool at best. Like with Hillary, young people are not excited about Joe. The difference between like and love is huge for ground game operations. And as you see in Florida, voters liking but not loving Biden is the cause of Democrats’ early voting heartburn down there. In the Sunshine State, Democrats are in a panic. Up north, Michael Moore is firing off warning flares in Michigan, and rightfully so. It’s tightened up across the Rust Belt.

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