How Biden’s tax plan could impact high-tax states | Fox Business

It’s simple. I am lower middle class which here in NYC means working poor. My taxes went down with the Trump tax cuts. They will go up if those cuts are repealed. Joe Biden is a bald faced liar.

The middle class will experience higher taxes and higher fees in high-tax states, even though President-elect Joe Biden has said he plans to only tax the rich, Chair of the Program in Business and Finance at The King’s College in New York City Brian Brenberg warned on Tuesday. Biden’s tax plans have come under scrutiny over intentions to raise rates for wealthy Americans – but some experts, including Brenberg, say they could also contribute to an exodus from high-tax states. Brenberg told “Fox & Friends” that people have “always had the choice to move,” however “in a world of remote work” during the coronavirus pandemic, “those choices have just multiplied.” “And so people are saying, ‘Where is the most entrepreneurial dynamism? Where if I work hard do I keep most of my money?’ And it tends to be in places with lower taxes and lower cost of living and those tend to be pretty well-governed places as well,” Brenberg, a Fox News contributor, continued.

How Biden’s tax plan could impact high-tax states | Fox Business

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