Restaurant owner in LA won’t shut down & strand workers before Christmas

Republican congressmen could learn a lot from the courage of the owner of a Redondo Beach restaurant. Governor Newsom is shutting everything down again and exempted the entertainment industry, claiming it’s essential. It’s hard to get your head around that. The only one worse than Newsom is LA Mayor Eric Garcetti. Alex, the owner of... Continue Reading →

Sen. Rand Paul on Election Polling Places’ “Data Dumps”: “These Vote Updates are Outliers of Outliers” | Sparta Report

Count Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., as an election “statistical anomaly” skeptic and one wary of big tech censorship of conservative voices. Paul noted President Donald Trump’s “margin of ‘defeat'” was covered by overnight “data dumps” in four key battleground states. Paul tweeted: “Interesting . . . Trump margin of “defeat” in 4 states occurred in... Continue Reading →

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