Nothing about this election seems to add up | The Liberty Loft

Charlotte, NC — We are almost one month since Americans went to the polls to cast their votes for the next President of the United States. Since that day, we have heard the story hundreds of times, played out just like Trump said it would, where he was ahead early in the evening and then lost, according to mainstream media reports. As states are certifying their results now, almost everyone is ignoring the Trump lawsuits over the election results. The campaign told everyone they had intentions to take the election all the way to the Supreme Court. That was the reason for the push for Amy Coney Barrett. The issue is that nothing about this election adds up. Sure, it makes sense that more Democrats voted by mail due to the fear over coronavirus while many Republicans voted in person. It makes sense that this was a very heated election, with Americans as divided as ever over many issues. What does not add up is the fact that the media-declared President-elect won the election from his basement. The massive increase in voter turnout that we witnessed this year does not add up. There is no way this election was not tampered with.

Nothing about this election seems to add up | The Liberty Loft

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