Ossoff, Whose Father Took $1 Mil from Gov’t Relief Fund, Slams Greedy Business Owners for Raiding PPP – Washington Free Beacon

And the hypocrites keep on coming. DECATUR, Ga.—Georgia Democratic Senate hopeful Jon Ossoff said Paycheck Protection Program funds were "raided by larger companies" without mentioning that his wealthy father's company received as much as $1 million through the program. "[Republicans] don't care about small businesses. And as we saw, the PPP funds were raided by... Continue Reading →

Tucker Carlson: The coronavirus pandemic is a global fraud perpetrated by China, abetted by the powerful | Fox News

You've heard a lot recently about "voter fraud" and "election fraud." But now comes more profound news, of a global fraud that began long before Election Day and has ruined millions of lives, killed hundreds of thousands, and deeply affected the outcome of our presidential election. We speak, of course, of the coronavirus pandemic. Simply put, we've been lied... Continue Reading →

Mathematician Shows That in Arizona the Dominion Machines Counted Biden Votes as 1.3 Votes and Trump Votes as 0.7 Votes – LewRockwell

https://www.youtube.com/embed/nwHa1pfyJjc Dr. Shiva  Ayyadurai explaines that the machines have a feature that permits “vote weighting” and that the only reason for such a feature is election fraud. This presentation to the Arizona legislators is worth the 32.5 minutes of your time.  The explanation will greatly increase your ability to understand how easy election theft is and make... Continue Reading →

San Francisco plan would ban tobacco smoking, vaping inside apartments — but weed OK: report | Fox News

The latest move by the San Francisco Board of Supervisors may have gone one toke over the line. The city and county officials on Tuesday gave initial approval to a proposed ban on cigarette smoking and vaping inside apartments -- but exempted marijuana smoking from the plan, according to reports.  The supervisors voted 10-1, with Supervisor Dean Preston... Continue Reading →

Lawsuit alleges 200K Georgia voters were wrongly purged from registration list | TheHill

A lawsuit filed on Wednesday alleges that almost 200,000 Georgia voters were wrongly removed from the voter registration list ahead of the election. Three voter advocacy groups sued Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger (R) for the “wrongful cancellation” of 199,908 voter registrations after falsely assuming they had moved and changed their addresses. The groups... Continue Reading →

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