Killing the “Flawed”: The Left Is Again Pushing Eugenics – The New American

This is just one way the extreme left is what they accuse the right wing as being.

“Life unworthy of life.” That’s what the Nazis called the handicapped, who were the first targeted in their eugenics program. Eugenics, the science of improving the human race via selective breeding, was discredited after WWII. But now it’s making a comeback, courtesy of the Left — and the handicapped are again in the crosshairs. Writer Evita Duffy warned of this in her recent article, “It Is Not ‘Humane’ For The Atlantic To Sympathize With Killing Babies With Down Syndrome, Like My Little Sister.” Appearing Friday on Tucker Carlson Tonight to discuss the topic, Duffy said that when “I first read the [Atlantic] article, I immediately thought about how dangerous it is.” Its author “essentially tries to normalize eugenics and [the killing of] some of the least powerful people in the world, people with Down Syndrome. And she does it by creating this ‘no judgment’ narrative,” Duffy continued. “It was a perfect example of selective leftist outrage,” she also explained. “The liberals, they have no problem taking a moral stance when it’s the Covington Catholic schoolboy. But when you were faced with the real-world dilemma, the extermination of people with Down Syndrome, they say, ‘No judgment.’”  

Killing the “Flawed”: The Left Is Again Pushing Eugenics – The New American

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