NY Post’s Devine: Mainstream media suppressed Hunter Biden story until ‘their man’ won election | Fox News

New York Post columnist Miranda Devine ripped mainstream media outlets on Friday for "actively suppressing" the Hunter Biden story until "their man" Joe Biden was elected. After news broke this week that Hunter Biden's tax affairs involving overseas business dealings, including with China, were the subject of a criminal federal investigation, legacy media outlets started facing fresh... Continue Reading →

The Liberal Argument Part II

Health Insurance has never been more important to have than it is today. The days of going to your local GP for a few bucks are over. Growing up in the '50s and early '60s, I do not remember my Mother ever paying more than ten to twenty bucks for any doctor visit. Health insurance... Continue Reading →

Twitter, Facebook silent on pre-election censorship of Hunter Biden story after federal probe was announced | Fox News

Facebook and Twitter remained silent Thursday on why they censored the pre-election New York Post bombshell about Hunter Biden, after it was revealed that President-elect Joe Biden's son's foreign business dealings are under federal investigation.  Twitter blocked the sharing of an article about a laptop and emails said to belong to Hunter Biden, and Facebook had... Continue Reading →

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