Where are the howls of protest?

There is a veritable orgy of violence plating out in the streets of mostly Democratic Cities across the nation. The Elitist, White, Democrat Progressive living in safe neighborhoods behind locked gates answer? Attack, defund, and abolish the police. BLM, Antifa and their ilk are just tools of true white supremacists, who never really left the... Continue Reading →

Biden/Harris Day 11: Joe Biden Has Issued 42 Executive Actions In One Week, A Practice He Recently Called ‘Dictator’ Behavior.

The puppet in chief has signed everything his handlers have instructed him to sign. He is not capable of getting anything done any other way. Governing in a democracy requires strong, consistent, energetic effort. Look at Biden, then look at those requirements again. I rest my case. That’s ten times as many as Donald Trump... Continue Reading →

Ohio teen fatally shot while taking out trash

There were no demonstrations, no riots, no race baiting blowhards like Al Sharpton. No solemn looking talking heads decrying the violence, no Schumer scrambling for a microphone and a camera so he could pontificate and bluster. There was just another devastated mother, another traumatized family, another life ended. Chances are that if you are reading... Continue Reading →

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