Are We Done?

The eyes of the country are on Georgia tonight with an interest normally reserved for Presidential elections. As I write this both Republican candidates hold slight leads. But the Biden crime syndicate has been hard at work since November and it would not surprise me if the fix was in and the Democratic lackeys wind up with more votes in the end. But at the moment there is still a chance that the cheating will not work this time so we still have a slim h0pe that our form of government can be preserved long enough for a real president to be elected in 2024. We shall see.

Never before has there been such a pair of epic losers head the ticket of any major political party as these two. Biden, who has never had an original thought of his own, and Harris who was so unpopular she couldn’t even make it to the first caucuses. Yet we are supposed to believe that these two inept buffoons were able to win an election in which they didn’t even bother to campaign. Yeah, right.

So how did they get elected? Well, aside from all the obvious fraudulent activity and unconstitutional manipulation of election laws, they had a nationwide propaganda arm. We sometimes refer to it as the mainstream media but not without tongue planted firmly in cheek. If all the legal challenges fail and Don Biden and his Consiglieri are inaugurated later this month the so called free press will have to figure out how they will get through the next four years without asking a single meaningful question.

One can’t help but wonder what Helen Thomas would think of this spineless, witless, and clueless collection of “Journalists” were she alive today.

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