Washington Riots

It was a sad scene down in Washington yesterday as demonstrations devolved into violence and destruction. The absolute refusal of the political, judicial, and media establishment to investigate dozens of accusations of blatant improprieties and outright fraud has pushed even Conservatives to the breaking point. That this disgusting theft of the Oval Office by an oaf and a dunce has taken its toll on the patience of so many people who have been screaming into the void and been routinely dismissed by the talking heads, empty suits and dimwit damsels that populate the mainstream press.

The problem is that, even by the fictional tallies that handed the election to Nit and Wit, some 80 million votes. According to polls 70 per cent of that 80 million believe the election was stolen. That’s a lot of pissed off people who believe they were disenfranchised. The propogandists in the MSM’s response has to insist there is no evidence while ignoring story after story and accusation after accusation after accusation, Instead of addressing the elephant in the room they have chosen to pretend that it isn’t taking a dump on the rug.

Like the stink of elephant dung, the stench of this election will have to be addressed if we are to survive as a representative republic. But for this to happen the Republicans will have to clean their own house first. Romney and his ilk have been irrelevant and out of touch for a long time. It is time they were retired the ballot box. at least that will be a beginning.

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