To Tweet or not to Tweet

The attempted cleansing of big tech social media has had me seriously considering leaving Twitter permanently and posting exclusively on Parler. In fact, when Dan Bongino recently posted his last tweet I responded that I would be right behind him but I have reconsidered. It’s obvious that the powers that be have abandoned all pretense at being even remotely interested in a free and open exchange of ideas. Rather they are attempting to turn the internet into a socialist liberal echo chamber by banning, de-platforming, and blocking any content that does not conform to their world view.

Parler has been growing by leaps and bounds with many prominent conservatives posting there rather than on Twitter so Google in a purely anticompetitive move has removed their app from the Google Playstore. Apple is planning on doing the same. But that’s not why I am remaining on Twitter. I plan on being a thorn in liberal and socialist sides everyday until der Fuhrer, @jack decides to banish me. I would wear that banishment as a badge of honor, considering the prodigious company I would be in.

So to Tweet or not to Tweet? Tweet! Keep on tweeting! If possible tweet more than you ever have. They may succeed in getting rid of us sooner or later but lets let them know they have been in a fight.

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