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There is more at stake here than just one social media company. If the shutting down of Parler stands the Democratic Fascists will be emboldened and they will begin to go after other Conservative voices. What is to stop them then from going after Mark Levin, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, and then less well known outlets like Clout.com and gab.com? And when they finish with their political opponents who will be there to stop them from going after religion?

The solution is simple. Big tech must be broken up. Shutting down Parler, aside from being the equivalent of shredding the First Amendment it is a monopolistic suppression of competition. you know, the kind of stuff Democrats claim to be against on one hand while taking graft in one way or another form super wealthy plutocrats. How’s that for irony?

An now Nancy Pelosi, who held up desperately need aid for the American people for NINE MONTHS has taken something like nine minutes to come up with an impeachment resolution to insure that the division in this country that has distracted us from their plundering of the Treasury for political gain and personal enrichment will continue. Her stated purpose in this action is not to address any “high crimes and misdemeanors” but rather to keep Donald Trump from running again in 2024. That some Republican swamp dwellers are cheering on this lynch mob is quite telling in itself.

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