Tell me again who is inciting violence and fomenting insurrection again?

All the handwringing and phony outrage this week over the violence at the Capitol this week is really wearing thin. All of these blowhards who are so horrified but what happened have been doing everything the can to make sure just such an event took place. It is exactly what they wanted so they launch an all out assault on the First Amendment. What has their reaction been except to ramp up censorship and repression of anything they disagree with. Twitter twerp Jack Dorsey and Facebook fathead Zuckerberg banned the sitting President of the United States. The Parler app is deleted from both the Google and Apple app stores. Amazon de-platforms Parler for no other reason other than it is too popular with conservatives. The drooling, driveling, sniveling attempt at justification for this utter disregard for the free and open exchange of ideas from a company that got it’s start selling books is as believable as Bagdad Bob. Bu then perhaps I should apologize to Baghdad Bob since he had more integrity and believability than Bozo Bezos. I just wonder how long it will be before they come after us little guys for daring to oppose them. I suspect it will not be long.

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