Former Facebook Exec Calls For OANN, Newsmax to be Deplatformed: ‘We Have to Turn Down the Capability of Conservative Influencers to Reach Huge Audiences’ (VIDEO)

Democrats HATE the First Amendment almost as much as they abhor the Second. Check this out: Former Facebook executive Alex Stamos called for conservative news alternatives OANN and Newsmax to be deplatformed during his appearance on CNN Sunday. Stamos said, “We have to turn down the capability of these Conservative influencers to reach these huge... Continue Reading →

The First Amendment is on life support

Sure, they tolerate little guys like me with miniscule followings, at least for the time being. Right now they are concentrating on the big threats like Trump's Twitter feed and and Parler's challenge to the liberal stranglehold on social media. But as more and more of the "little guys" jump in to fill the void... Continue Reading →

Another day, another show trial

I understand why Democrats want to take another shot at impeachment. No, really I do. The obvious Constitutional questions Outlined by Jonathan Turley are of absolutely no concern to them. The United States Constitution is only a convenient weapon to bludgeon people with when they can twist it to fit their ideology or to simply... Continue Reading →

3 days and counting…

In 3 days the USA becomes the USSA (Union of the Socialist States of America). All investigations into the Biden Crime Family will cease, Hunter Biden can retire to his crack house, and Kamala Harris can start counting the days until Joe’s mental decline reaches the point where he will have to resign or be... Continue Reading →

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