An Empty Suit Addresses An Empty Washington Mall

I just listened to the entire inaugural address by Joe Biden. He gave no indication of what he was going to do so maybe nobody has told him yet so he wouldn’t get confused. Almost the entire speech was an appeal for “unity.” Sounds innocuous enough until you realize that by unity they mean conformity. He kept saying things like we should respect each other and listen to each other and be kind to one another. But these words are just meaningless, hollow platitudes because where it s still a crime to be a conservative and a felony to be a trump conservative. Oh, not in the legal sense of course. They are not bold enough to try to openly prosecute dissenters, at least not yet. But the organized shunning of all things Trump and most things conservative has been far more destructive in an insidious sort of way than any legal sanction.

As President Biden was making his appeal to the smallest gathering in the history of inaugural addresses for “decency” and “dialog” and of course that old standby “tolerance” Parler is still banned, Twitter is engaged in in a systematic purge of conservatives, Facebook is openly censoring views and opinions if doesn’t approve of an the Senate is poised to engage in a vindictive, unconstitutional, and massively divisive impeachment of a private citizen just to ensure he can never run for office again. So pare us, Mr. President. We are not buying it.

At one point, Mr. President, you said you would always level with us. My only reaction to that is, “Why start now? You never have before. But if you would like to start, why not begin dropping the whole “I never talk to my son about how he made millions while being a drug addled, pedophile jerk.” How about telling us how threatening a foreign government to withhold funds that was already allocated for them if they don’t do your bidding but for there to be eve an unfounded rumor that President Trump is even thinking about it is an impeachable offense. How about the accusations that you not only knew about Hunter’s shenanigans but profited from them, right Big Guy?

C’mon man! Level with us. No? I didn’t think so. That statement was as empty and meaningless as everything else you said today. I really wish I could wish you luck in your new administration but I am just not in the habit of advocating for the good fortunes of corrupt crime bosses like your self, so it would be disingenuous for me to do so. So I wish you good health. After all, we want to keep Harris in Blair house where we can ignore her. Lyndon Johnson once said that, “The Vice Presidency isn’t worth a bucket of warm spit.” I can’t help but marvel at how apt that statement is all these years later with the current occupant.

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