National Guard mulls keeping a few thousand troops in D.C. until March | Fox News

Gee Can you imagine the military presence if Biden wasn't the most popular President in history. A few thousand National Guard troops could end up staying in the nation’s capital until mid-March, a U.S. defense official confirms to Fox News. The National Guard is in the process of meeting with various federal agencies to "determine their... Continue Reading →

Pete Buttigieg Floats Raising Federal Gas Tax: ‘All Options Need To Be On The Table’ | The Daily Caller

TAX TAX TAX TAX TAX TAX That's all these Progressive Regressives know how to do Transportation Secretary nominee Pete Buttigieg suggested raising the federal gas tax in order to fund infrastructure initiatives during his confirmation hearing Thursday before the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee. Republican Florida Sen. Rick Scott asked the former South Bend... Continue Reading →

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