UK’s Prince Harry Demands Social Media Censorship of Americans – Big League Politics

A couple of things need to be pointed out here. Prince Harry is living on the government dole and will be for the rest of his life. His role in government is almost entirely ceremonial and will remain so even if and when he becomes King. Apparently there is was something that was something lacking... Continue Reading →

Head of US Conference of Catholic Bishops warns Biden’s agenda would ‘advance moral evils and threaten human life’ – TheBlaze

I have many Catholic friends-including some in the clergy-who routinely vote for Democrats despite the candidates' and the party platform's horrifical policies in direct, continuous, and unrepentant opposition to Catholic teaching. Blind party loyalty can force you into not only compromising your core beliefs but endangering your immortal soul. The only way evil can thrive... Continue Reading →

RIP Larry King

Larry King had a style of interviewing that you just don't see anymore. The star of any of his shows was the person being interviewed, not the host. Today, and this is true of the right and the left, the sole purpose of inviting someone you disagree with for an interview is so they can... Continue Reading →

Biden/Harris Day4

Let's take a look at what the new administration has accomplished so far this week. Right after taking the oath of office the new President gave what might have been a rather stirring speech if he was ever able to get his tongue out of hi cheek. He gave this rousing call to unity and... Continue Reading →

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