Democratic senator presiding over Trump impeachment trial pledges impartiality despite call to convict | Fox News

So we have yet another overwhelmingly partisan impeachment farce perpetrated by Pelosi and company and the presiding judge is going to be a partisan Democratic Senator who has already called for the conviction of Donald Trump. Senator Leahy's pledge of impartiality has about as much credibility Biden's repetitive and empty promise of seeking unity in... Continue Reading →

New Mexico leaders bash Biden admin’s order targeting oil, drilling on federal land: ‘How does that bring us together?’ – TheBlaze

Nothing Biden or the Democrats have done this week is even remotely about "bringing us together." In fact everything they have done starting before Biden's empty words finished echoing around the empty Washington Mall has been deliberately calculated to deepen the divide in this country. The Biden administration's 60-day pause on new oil and natural... Continue Reading →

Jim Acosta Calls Conservative Media a “Disinformation-Industrial Complex” and “Potential Existential Threat” – Big League Politics

This is actually funny coming from CNN where disinformation is a guiding principle. CNN’s Jim Acosta appeared on Brian Stelter’s Sunday morning show “Reliable Sources” to call conservative media a “potential existential threat” that could “cause more suffering.”Read the rest here:Jim Acosta Calls Conservative Media a "Disinformation-Industrial Complex" and "Potential Existential Threat" - Big League... Continue Reading →

Biden/Harris Day 6

Today is the sixth day of the new administration without a real news conference where President Biden would be expected to answer real questions. But then he has been busy. He's thrown tens of thousands of Americans and Canadiens out of work, weakened our immigration enforcement, and stopped construction on the wall to keep out... Continue Reading →

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