Cuomo administration conceals records behind controversial nursing home study

Isn't it convenient that the Cuomo Administration was able to investigate itself, absolve itself and then refuse to show how it came to that conclusion. Sure, nothing fishy here, right Il Duce? ALBANY — After months of furor from mourning families, the administration of Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo issued a report in July absolving itself... Continue Reading →

An executive order that has no rationale.

OK, thats true of all his executive orders but someone will have to explain to me how allowing China access to our power grid makes any sense whatsoever. A Newsmax reporter asked about this at the press briefing and the exchange went something like this paraphrase. Reporter: Why would the President do something like this?... Continue Reading →

Day 7 Biden/Harris

On this seventh day of the Biden Administration the question that keeps popping up for me is, "Where's Hunter?" have you noticed that there are no stories about this guy anymore? It occurs to me that this whole impeachment farce is nothing more than a smokescreen so we put all our energies into fighting against... Continue Reading →

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