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Isn’t it convenient that the Cuomo Administration was able to investigate itself, absolve itself and then refuse to show how it came to that conclusion. Sure, nothing fishy here, right Il Duce? ALBANY — After months of furor from mourning families, the administration of Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo issued a report in July absolving itself …

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Seriously? The “My Pillow Guy”? They really have lost their minds at these social media outlets. What rule did he violate @jack? Disagreeing with you while being popular? You guys are pushing the envelope and just begging for government intervention. And if one thing the government loves it is to intervene. Check out the video …

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I hope Jen has a thick skin. If reporters start to call out Biden’s hypocracy on so many issues…oh, never mind. Let’s just enjoy her discomfiture at having to answer one real question. At Monday’s White House daily briefing, Press Secretary Jen Psaki was called out for the hypocrisy of then candidate Joe Biden calling …

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Gutfield is scathing as usual in his calling out of the MSM after one week of their bootlicking coverage of the President.. Greg Gutfeld roasted the mainstream media and most notably CNN on Monday, for their sycophantic coverage of President Joe Biden and his administration. “This weekend, we learned two important things from the white …

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Remember this? The NY Post Twitter account was blocked for a week for no other reason than the truth did not fit the liberal narrative. By Emma-Jo Morris and Gabrielle Fonrouge October 14, 2020 | 5:00am | Updated Hunter Biden introduced his father, then-Vice President Joe Biden, to a top executive at a Ukrainian energy firm less than a year before the …

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On this seventh day of the Biden Administration the question that keeps popping up for me is, “Where’s Hunter?” have you noticed that there are no stories about this guy anymore? It occurs to me that this whole impeachment farce is nothing more than a smokescreen so we put all our energies into fighting against …

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