Ohio teen fatally shot while taking out trash

There were no demonstrations, no riots, no race baiting blowhards like Al Sharpton. No solemn looking talking heads decrying the violence, no Schumer scrambling for a microphone and a camera so he could pontificate and bluster. There was just another devastated mother, another traumatized family, another life ended. Chances are that if you are reading... Continue Reading →

RIGGED SHAM: Facebook Closes ‘Robinhood Stock Traders’ Group Page – Claims ‘Sexual Exploitation’ Amid GameStop Rally – Big League Politics

It is long past time for freedom lovers to abandon this self important blowhard. The market is there. All we need is a viable competing platform. Facebook has banned a ‘Robinhood Stock Traders’ group page on the platform Thursday, preventing a community of retail stock traders from discussing investment strategies and finance. The purge represents... Continue Reading →

​Teacher union leader says ‘white supremacy’ fuels reopening efforts, concerns over lockdown suicides are ‘white privilege’ – TheBlaze

Depending on where you live there might be some justification for keeping the schools closed. But white supremacy and white privilege? Maybe you should look at the rich white liberals insisting that public schools with children of color remain closed while their own kids are in class in private institutions before you go sticking that... Continue Reading →

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