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There were no demonstrations, no riots, no race baiting blowhards like Al Sharpton. No solemn looking talking heads decrying the violence, no Schumer scrambling for a microphone and a camera so he could pontificate and bluster. There was just another devastated mother, another traumatized family, another life ended. Chances are that if you are reading this it is the first time you hear about this incident because Dayvion Jones was not a celebrity and he was not shot by a cop, so nothing to see here, move along. He was simply one more victim of the mindless, senseless, and rampant violence that is devastating so many areas of our country today. It is indeed a tragedy but the even greater tragedy is that we have ceased to be shocked by it. As a country we simply do not care or we would rise up and demand that our politicians stop making their first priority keeping their jobs and begin treating the term public service as just that and not a euphemism for public tough. Another young man is dead. Sadly it will be another death that will largely be ignored by those who should care the most.

A 14-year-old Ohio boy was fatally shot just moments after kissing his mother on the cheek and taking out the trash, authorities and family members said. Dayvion Jones was walking in his Columbus neighborhood when he was confronted by a group of men in a stolen SUV shortly after 4 p.m. Sunday, the Columbus Police Department said in a statement. One of the men then whipped out a gun and fired at Dayvion before driving away, cops said. The SUV later crashed at a nearby intersection, prompting the suspects to flee, police added. Meanwhile, cops arrived at the scene and found Dayvion lying on the ground with a gunshot wound.

Ohio teen fatally shot while taking out trash

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