As We Predicted: Non-Voters and Registered Democrats were Among Those Arrested at US Capitol Riots

Wait, you mean the same people who were responsible for death and destruction across the country for months were the ones inciting riot and destroying property at the Capitol? Wow, I bet that took tremendous detective work to figure that out. Antifa-BLM leader John Sullivan was arrested after busting windows in the US Capitol on... Continue Reading →

Bipartisan condemnation of China’s Uyghur ‘genocide’ in doubt, as Biden administration wavers | Just The News

Hey Joe! What's so hard here? The dictionary definition of genocide is "The systematic and widespread extermination or attempted extermination of an entire national, racial, religious, or ethnic group." Pretty plain, although I know it must be hard to criticize your CCP masters. In a polarized political climate, U.S. leaders from both parties appeared for a... Continue Reading →

BUSTED: CDC Inflated COVID Numbers, Accused of Violating Federal Law – National File

Swamp rats protect their own. Even a supposedly apolitical organization like the CDC is infested with this vermin. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) stands accused of violating federal law by inflating Coronavirus fatality numbers, according to stunning information obtained by NATIONAL FILE. CDC illegally inflated the COVID fatality number by 1,600 percent... Continue Reading →

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