Joe Biden Does the Most Joe Biden Thing Possible to Try to Appear to Have a Plan for Wuhan Virus

Everything this empty suit has done since he walked in the Oval Office has been to tear down our country. Up to now the biggest mistake we have ever made in our electoral process was to elect Barack Obama. allowing Biden to steal this election, however, puts the Obama election into a distant second. This... Continue Reading →

Gaetz asks to open Judiciary meetings with pledge; Nadler says once a day is enough: ‘We’re covered’ | Fox News

Matt Gaetz: "Let's say the pledge in the spirit of national unity [Where have I heard that before?] and pride" Jerry Nadler: "We don't need no stinkin' unity." House Judiciary Chairman Rep. Jerry Nadler denied Rep. Matt Gaetz’s request to begin each meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance saying the committee is "covered" as the House... Continue Reading →

AOC’s “Big Lie.”

usually when she says patently untrue, misleading or just plain ignorant, I just chalk it up to her youth, inexperience and stupidity. Not so easy to do with this deliberate fabrication. In recent days the rhetoric from Ocasio-Cortez has ramped up, culminating in a wild accusation that Senator Ted Cruz “almost had [her] murdered 3... Continue Reading →

Politico: California Gov. Newsom Recall Now ‘Unavoidable’ |

Sadly this is an option not available to the citizens of the Democratic Peoples Republic of NY. The campaign to remove California Gov. Gavin Newsom from office has gone from unlikely to "unavoidable," according to Politico. The political news website pointed to the Democrat's plummeting approval numbers, combined with mounting frustrations over businesses closing, hospitals at... Continue Reading →

WATCH: John Kerry says taking a private jet to Iceland to fight climate change is the ‘only choice’ for someone like him | The Post Millennial

Is there anyone on the planet less self aware than this former swift boat commander. Is it possible that he could possibly be unaware of just hew arrogant, narcissistic, and elitist he sounds? On another note, how embarrassed should the lapdog US media be that hey were scooped by an Icelandic reporter? Maybe we should... Continue Reading →

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