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I listened to part of this guy’s speech today. It’s as if someone handed him a shovel and told him to, “Dig deeper, the hole you’re in isn’t deep enough yet.” He really has a low opinion of the public’s intelligence, that much is obvious. Andy boy has promised to cooperate with the AG’s investigation. He says this like he has a choice after trying-and failing-to foist his own pick on the public to do the investigating. Knowing Cuomo’s reputation for bullying and threatening people who work for him, I’m sure that would have been a fair an balanced assessment of the governor’s behavior. These shenanigans combined with his incredibly inept and incompetent call in the nursing home scandal belies a lack of judgement that is simply breathtaking in it’s scope.

If Governor Cuomo gave an iota of a damn about NY State he would resign immediately. We have been reeling from his unspeakable incompetency throughout this Pandemic. We don’t need chaos in Albany right now, we need leadership as we try to rise from the ruins of Andrew Cuomo’s decimated economy which resulted from his total lack of compassion, understanding, or common sense. He has gotten drunk on the power he has been wielding during this crises, making decisions that affect the everyday lives of millions of lives based but on science but rather his own megalomaniacal whim.

For this he got an Emmy. Governor, if you are have any trouble deciding where to put it the people of NY State have a suggestion. You know where? Guess.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo apologized for his past behavior following allegations of sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior by three women during a news conference Wednesday, telling reporters that he is “embarrassed” by his actions and will cooperate with the New York attorney general’s investigation of his conduct. During a briefing that first focused on developments in the coronavirus pandemic, Cuomo shifted to address the brewing scandal, stating that he was ignoring the advice of attorneys to address the public. “I now understand that I acted in a way that made people feel uncomfortable. It was unintentional and I truly and deeply apologize for it,” Cuomo said. “I feel awful about it and frankly I am embarrassed by it.” Cuomo went on to say that he “never knew at the time I was making anyone feel uncomfortable,” that he has “learned an important lesson,” and “will be the better for this experience.”

Cuomo apologizes but won’t resign as he denies touching anyone ‘inappropriately’: ‘I am embarrassed’ | Fox News

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