Jen Psaki Refuses to Confirm Record Number of ‘Kids in Cages’

I think that maybe she will circle back after she learns how to count. It's hard though, because Sesame Street doesn't deal with such high numbers. 2:25 White House press secretary Jen Psaki refused Tuesday to confirm reports that the number of detained unaccompanied minors at the border had tripled since Biden became president. “I’m... Continue Reading →

COGNITIVE DECLINE: Joe Biden’s Handlers Push Reporters Out of Hardware Store After Trying to Ask the President Questions – Big League Politics : Big League Politics

How long will our allegedly free press allow this to go on? Brief prepared remarks, snarky and meaningless throwaway lines in the run as he avoids saying anything meaningful and refusing even to address Congress.. The man is an embarrassment and the poorest excuse for a leader we have eve had. And that's saying something... Continue Reading →

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